Download Lucky Patcher Original APK

Lucky Patcher is an excellent android app that can help you the various way. If you know the proper use of lucky patcher original apk, then you can get more advantage, such as you can block any types of ads on your Android device, modify apps, remove license verification, backup and restore app data, move app in SD card, delete system apps, etc.

But unfortunately, Lucky Patcher is not available on Google Play because of Google never allow to hack any apps or block ads in apps. So due to google terms and condition, lucky patcher apk is not available on Google Play. So in this post, we are going to provide you direct ads free download link to download lucky patcher apk. We also review this app because of google shows this app is harmful to the android device. Is it true or false?

Download Lucky Patcher Original


What is Lucky Patcher APK?

It’s an app that can proper gives you control over the permission. Some people are the concern to use this app because when you installed lucky patcher apk on your device, then you show an auto message. But basically, this app is not designed for cracking purposes.

Lucky Patcher is made for basically block ads and transfer system apps from internal storage to external storage. This app analysed the list of the installed android app on your device and indicated the action you can carry out, among which you will find to block ads, extract the apk file to do the backup, remove license verification, to unlock paid app to be able to install on other devices.

See video tutorial how to download lucky patcher

Features of Lucky Patcher Original

Are you worry about payment? Or app purchases? Sometimes we can’t access all features of some apps because some apps have app purchases features. But if you use lucky patcher app, then you can easily bypass app purchases. Below I share some list of games that can bypass for free and get unlimited coins.

  • Temple run.
  • Subway Surfer.
  • Tower Madness 2: 3D Defense.
  • Bloons TD Battles.
  • Sky Charms.
  • Dictator 2.
  • Hungry Shark Evolution and almost 60% of android games.

However, we go our main point. If you want to get this features on your Android device, then you also need a rooted Android smartphone. Because unrooted smartphones are not comfortable all features, so if you can get more advantage then you should root your smartphone. And also make sure you have also installed busybox on your smartphone because busybox is very necessary for using and running some apps.

Now we share all features of lucky patcher

  • This app can remove license verification from the application
  • Lucky patcher can block all kinds of Google ads for any android app.
  • It can remove the internal storage pre-installed apps.
  • You can manage your app permission and remove the permission.
  • Move application from internal storage to SD card just one click.
  • Easy create modified applications with one click.
  • Lucky pather can bypass in-app purchases hack.
  • Easy update any app from the apps, no need to go outside and search for the update.
  • Freeze the apps.
  • Solve device incompatible error app store by applying a custom patch.
  • Clear Dalvik cache from the app no need to reboot into recovery helps you faster your smartphone.
  • Android Patch for Android 8.0 oreo.
  • You can completely backup your apk and apps data file.
  • Clone the apps of your choice.
  • Download any paid apps for free without spending money.

Required For Lucky Patcher

It is one of the common questions. Is lucky patcher can work on my phone? And the question answer is yes. Because of this app support all android version and root and unrooted device. Is your smartphone was rooted, you don’t worry. Download our latest version of lucky patcher and enjoy. If your device was not rooted, then you should download no root version. You also need to download modded google play to get the extra advantage.

Download Latest Version Of Lucky Patcher Original


Apps Name –  Lucky Patcher

Apps Version – 7.2.1

Size – 6.51 MB

Release Date – March 29, 2018

Total Downloads – 715 million+

Official Game Download site –

Apps Rating – 4.8/5

App Developer – Chelpus

Requirement – Android 2.3 gingerbread

If your device is not supported the latest version of lucky patcher then you should try to use the older version.

Direct Download Now


Download Lucky Patcher All Version ( Full Download List )


Color Meaning

Red color – It is a danger of sign. When you see the apps which are highlighted in red color, that means this app can’t be modified using lucky patcher.

Orange Color – All internal system applications are highlighted in orange color.

Blue Color – If any apps have Google ads, it shows blue color.

Green Color – Green color means, you can easily be disconnected from App Store easily.

If your android device is not root properly, you can’t get full advantage. So now we share how to properly root your android device. You want to hack the android game and get unlimited access then you should download Custom path.

Caution – Be careful, if you root your device then you lose your smartphone warranty.

How to root any Android Smartphone?

Some people don’t know proper how to use lucky patcher and also they are confused about how to root their smartphone. So I write a short brief about how to root the android device. One’s time we can root our smartphone using the only computer. But some creative app developer made some innovative app that can help you to proper safe root. Fast I share Kingo Root tools; it’s one of the top one click root apps. It is easy to use, and all android version support this app. Before doing the rooting process, make sure that your smartphone

  • Power on.
  • At last 55% battery charge level.
  • Required internet connection.
  • Make sure that your device is allowed to the installation of apps from unknown sources.

Step 1: Download Free Kingo Root from here ( Most of the time you can’t do root using kingo root and other rooting apps, So if you want to root your device, you should try manual root)

Step 2: If you see that it shows Install the blocked pop-up message then go setting> security setting and tick Unknown source.

Step 3: Launch this app and click ” one click root.”

Step 4: Waiting for a few minutes until the result screen appears.

Step 5: Now you see Succeeded or Failure message.

Caution – Some smartphone model and some smartphone company are not comparably Kingo root tools, so we share another alternative method for root android device. You can root your smartphone Magisk Root, Farmroot, Towelroot, CF-Auto-Root method. Or you can read this article to proper root your android device.

How to properly use Lucky Patcher?

Download lucky patcher app from our download link, then press install.

Note – If you get installation blocking message then go setting and go security setting and tick unknown source ( Some UI include this features various place so check it you )

You can check it “How to use Lucky Patcher” We share ad-free download link so you can download lucky patcher apk only a single click. You see that install process is starting, but you see a pop-up message ” Installation Blocked” because the latest version of Android is too much intelligent and they can be realized lucky patcher is harmful to your device.


But it’s not 100% correct. This app needs some grand permission and all hidden access. However, we come to the main point. You just click more details and click ” Install anyway(unsafe). Now you see the lucky patcher app is installed on your android device. Now open it and see new version features(If internet connection is active).

Lucky Patcher Original Game Hack App

If you have got any error, that means your device is not rooted correctly. Also, you can see lucky patcher video guide.

About Lucky Patcher User interface

You saw the lucky patcher app user interface. Open the app which you want to modify or patch it. I want to modify Sniper Fury, So I press it and see some menu

Lucky Patcher APK

  • App Info ( You can see all information about this app like as size, pack name, app path, app version, build version, app install date etc).
  • Launch App ( Open this app ).
  • Open Menu of Patchers ( If you want to create modified apk file then you can use this option).
  • Tools ( This function has some important features such as clone apps, remove saved purchases, app backup, and app share).
  • Uninstall App.
  • Manage the app.

How to hack in-app Purchase

Make sure that your device is root properly.

Lucky Patcher APK

  1. Open it and choose the app.
  2. Press this app then you see some menu.
  3. Press open menu patches.
  4. Now you select support patch for the in-app and lvl emulator.
  5. Then cheek 1st too option to apply.
  6. Wait some time.
  7. Check Patch result.
  8. Launch app.
  9. You need an internet connection.
  10. Then you will get lucky patcher window.
  11. Tick on saving purchases and select yes.

Download Lucky Patcher

Now you enjoy free app purchase.

Remove Google Ads

  1. Open lucky patcher and select the app.
  2. Now select the patch to remove ads.
  3. Now tick.
  4. Remove the link from apk.
  5. Resizing advertisements to Nul/Zero.
  6. Corrupt the advertisement receiver.
  7. Offline patch.
  8. Other patches.
  9. Remove dependencies.
  10. Make full offline and finally press apply.

Download Lucky Patcher

Remove license verification

  • Open lucky patcher and select the app.
  • Then open the menu of patches.
  • Now select Remove license verification.
  • Now select modes, I suggest you will always use auto modes. so press auto modes.
  • Then you see a pop-up window and tick – Auto mode, – Other Patches, – Remove Dependencies and press apply.
  • Wait some time and then you see the result.

Obb folder from Internal to External Storage

  • At fast open lucky patch.
  • Select toolbox and select directory binder.
  • Then click on Add New Directory.
  • Select your default Obb/Data folder using file browser options.
  • Choose the folder where you want to mount and use as new Data/ Obb folder.
  • and finally, Bind directory.

If you have any question about lucky patcher? check out our frequently asked question page.

Advantage and Disadvantage of lucky patcher

It is a useful Android application for cracking app; this app is specially designed and develop for android users. Over 600+ millions of people use the lucky patcher app to remove ads from apps, free app purchases, game hacking purpose. You should remember that each app has the advantage there is also a disadvantage of it.


  • This app can hack any android offline game.
  • Remove annoying Ads from any apps.
  • Move system app internal memory to external memory.
  • Bypass any license verification.
  • Lots of custom patches available.


  • This app can full damage to your Android device.
  • Lucky patcher needs to allow install any android app from the unknown sources, so it harmful for your privacy.
  • This app needs root permission, so while you are processing rooting, then your smartphone can be brick.

Lucky Patcher Alternative Apps

Most of the times people want to game hack using the latest version of lucky patcher app, but when they see the warning ” This application is harmful to your device” then they are worry and uninstall it from their device, and they find lucky patcher alternative app again. Another type of people does not want to root android device due to loss warranty, or they can’t root properly android device.

So, in this section, I will show the top 5 lucky patchers alternative application and best app hacking app that can work root and unrooted smartphone correctly. The exciting central fact is the app hacker tools is not available on Google Play, due to the game hacker app is violate google terms and policy. So google ban this application from Google Play.

Cree Hack

It is one of the familiar Android app hacking application that can work similar to lucky patcher. This application can do purchase premium apps from google play without paying money. Cree Hack can also help you in many ways, such as you are found a hard game level, that you can’t complete. If you use Cree hack, then you can easily bypass this stage. Below I share some essential features of Cree hack.

  • You can able to get the unlimited application.
  • Cree Hack works properly unrooted and rooted smartphone.
  • Developer regular update this app, so don’t worry about it.
  • Unlimited free app purchases without paying any money.
  • You can modify online and offline both game using Cree Hack.


Freedom is familiar with the best game hack apps. If you want to game hack, then freedom is the best choice for you. This app can able to modify most of the android games, and this application user interface and user experience are pretty cool, that can be impressive all. But if you want to use freedom on your device, you should root first your device. Below I share some important features of Freedom.

  • You can hack any level of any android games.
  • This app is specially made for game hacking.
  • Including unlimited resources for the android games.
  • Freedom can able to purchases premium app for free.

SB Game Hacker

If you want to game hack, but fail every time? Then SB Game hacker is the best solution for you. SB Game hacker can hack any android and iOS game, and give you superior facilities, such as unlimited money, coin, gems etc. You can also bypass level, and make free app purchases. So you if you use SB Game hacker, you can beat all your friends.

  • Unlimited free app purchases.
  • Easy to use
  • Require rooted Android smartphone.
  • Regular update and safe use.

Leo Play Card:-

If you are the worry to root your android device? Or you can’t know how to root android device, but you want to hack games, then the Leo Play Card is the best solution for you. This app allows you to add new units and get unlimited free app purchases. Most of the popular android game support Leo Play Card.

  • Easily work unrooted smartphone.
  • Free app for purchases.
  • Comfortable all android version.


Gameechi is one of the best app and game hacking application. If your smartphone is rooted properly, then the app can work properly. You can modify the offline android game and some android app with gameechi. This app has the attractive user interface that can attract you.

  • Support most of the offline games.
  • Root required.
  • Attractive user interface.
  • Safe to use.
  • Regular updated.

Lucky Patcher All Version Update History –

Whats New 7.2.1

  • Move Application to system/app is fixed.
  • Uninstall system apps for android api 21+ fixed.

Whats New 7.2.0:

  • Bug’s new In-app algorithm fixed.
  • InApp emulation reworked.

Whats New 7.1.9:

  • In-app emulation reworked.
  • Fixed bugs and translations.

Whats New 7.1.1:

  • Open IPzip files for some explorers problem is fixed.
  • Fixed bugs and translations.

Whats New v7.1.0

  • Updated modded Google play 7.8.74.
  • Support custom patch for In-app updated.
  • lpzip fixed.
  • Fixed Translations update.
  • Develop by ChelpuS
  • Bug’s fixed.

Whats New v7.0.9

  • Updated modded Google play.
  • InPaa Billing by modded Google Play version 7.
  • Proxy server updated.
  • Magisk Manager excluded.
  • Update AdsBlockList.txt.
  • Fixed Translations update.
  • Develop by ChelpuS
  • Bug’s fixed.

Whats New v7.0.8

  • Fixed proxy server for Google Play.
  • Fixed Translations update.
  • Develop by ChelpuS.
  • Bug’s fixed.

Whats New v7.0.7

  • Remove Ads.
  • Fixed Translations update.
  • Develop by ChelpuS.
  • bug’s fixed.

Whats New v7.0.6

  • Update AdsBlockList.txt.
  • Develop by ChelpuS.
  • Fixed Translations update and bugs.

Whats New v7.0.5

  • Add the new host of auto updates.
  • Get classes.dex for some corrupted apk files ( Problem fixed ).
  • Fixed Translations update and bugs.
  • Develop by ChelpuS.

Whats New v7.0.4

  • Fixed Translations update and bugs.

Whats New 7.0.3

  • Add proxy server for GP to dialog ” Install modded Gp”
  • Updating hots changed.
  • FC for proxy server GP fixed.
  • Auto-generate license fixed for some firmware.
  • 3 Days for auto-update custom patches.
  • Fixed Translations update and bugs.

Whats New v7.0.2

  • Fix custom patch dialog progress.
  • Fixed Translations update and bugs.

Whats New v7.0.1

  • Set the default after transfer setting fixed.
  • Fixed Translations update and bugs.

Whats New of Lucky Patcher V7.0

  • Changed package name.
  • Fixed Android 8.0 problem ( Generate license for app ).
  • Fixed Translations update and bugs.

Whats new of Lucky Patcher V6.9.9.2

  • Add date import for custom patches list.
  • Fix translations updated problem.
  • Remove all custom path.
  • Fix patch process for Android oreo 8.1.
  • The user can be notified when custom patches add-on the server.
  • Fixed Translation update problem.

Whats new of Lucky Patcher V6.9.9.1

  • Fixed FC start problem.
  • Fixed Translation update problem.

Whats new of Lucky Patcher V6.9.9

  • Include new custom patch.
  • Remove Set permissive mode for SELinux .
  • Fixed Translation update problem.
  • Fixed bug.

Whats new of Lucky Patcher V6.9.8

  • Include new custom patch
  • Arm pattern for the patch to Android update.
  • Fixed Translation update problem.
  • Fixed bug.

Remove Every Single Ad From your phone

1.Open the lucky patcher app.

2. Press Toolbox from the bottom.

3.Then Click On “Block All Advertisement from Device”. and enjoy ads block.


Q. I have used iPhone X, can I use this app?

Ans. Now, lucky patcher is only available for the Android operating system and it comfortable all android version. But it has no iOS version right now. You can use lucky patcher alternative app for iOS.

Q. Is this app can slow my phone?

Ans. If you android os is older, but you use the latest version of the lucky patcher, it can be probably slow. But the main reason for phone slow is lower hardware configuration.

Q. Are all games support lucky patcher?

Ans. Most of the popular android game supported, you can see the latest lucky patcher game list.

Q. Which is the best app, Freedom or Lucky Patcher?

Ans. For my personal experience, lucky patcher is the best app for game and app hacking. But the freedom is also one of the best apps for game hacking. But lucky patcher is familiar app.

Q. Can I hack online game using it?

Ans. No, you can’t.

Q. What is a custom patch?

Ans. The Custom patch can hack android app.

Q. What is different between Lucky patcher apk and Lucky patcher original?

Ans. Both are same; people search on Google on the different team, they want to get original lucky patcher. But they should know, lucky patcher original and lucky patcher is same.

You are confusing what is the lucky patches apps, then please contact us.