How to download the Spotify APK

This app is totally free to download. It has no cost to any feature. Here are some steps to download the Spotify apk

For desktop-

  1. Go to If your download doesn’t start within seconds, click restart to download again.
  2. Look in your download folder to see the app and double-click it.
  3. Continue with installation steps.
  4. Log in and listen to music.

By chance, if you are unable to download the app, you need to play music from the browser using web player.

Mobile and tablet-

Download Spotify from the Google play store or Apple play store.

  1. Spotify on Android with Google play

–           Open your Google play store

–           Search for Spotify using the search

–           Tap on install to install the app

Get the.apk file for the app from Spotify website:

Go to your device setting, scroll down and look for the security section. In the security, section finds “unknown sources” and click the checkbox.

Go to your download history and open the Spotify app.

  1. Spotify on ios with the app store

Other devices-

To listen to other devices, use a separate app, depending on the device.

Spotify premium apk plays a vital role with amazing features –

  • It has unlimited skips.
  • It can unlock track selection, shuffling and seeking.
  • This apk download is ad-free
  • It can unlock repeating and much more.

As you may already know Spotify is not launched in India and there are chances to launch it, but there is a web version of this app. You can buy any VPN service like HMA VPN and log out. Disable the VPN now, so that you need to Google your song name like this – <song name>

When you open this link, the Spotify premium apk web version would ask you t log-in. After accessing the account you can add the song in the playlist and enjoy without VPN. I would like to say the moral is you cannot download this app in India yet but you can use its web version.

I-phone –

  • Go to the Apple ID website, and click on “create your Apple ID”. Fill all the details in the form, click “continue”.
  • Now you receive a verification code from Apple, enter it on next screen, and click “continue”.
  • Login to your new email-ID. you may be asked for security, make sure you have a right answer. Once you have completed these steps, you will have an Apple ID that can make the purchase from US app store.

Now switch to US app store and download Spotify app on iPhone-

  • On your iPhone, go to app store and scroll down, tap on your Apple ID then sigh-out.
  • You can log in into new apple D. you will be switched automatically over US store since you have created you ID is US based.
  • You can use the search function in the app store to look at Spotify.

Once you have done that, you are able to download and use Spotify on your iPhone. Spotify is a very stellar app to listen to music with “add music” feature. Enjoy your day with lovely songs on this app, whatever you listen such as classical, hip-hop, musical songs. It supports many devices to play the song.

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