What is Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher original apps is an application developed for use in Android devices that helps you customize your applications to suit your needs. The developers have made the only Android version of the app. That means that you can customize an android application to your tastes and desires without necessarily destroying your application or slowing it down.

Requirements For Using Lucky Patcher

It is one of the common questions. Is lucky patcher can work on my phone? And the question answer is yes. Because of this app support all android version and root and unrooted device. Is your smartphone was rooted, you don’t worry. If your device was not rooted, then you should download no root version. You also need to download modded google play to get the extra advantage.

Lucky Patcher Features

By now that you have a general idea of what Lucky Patcher is, let us look at the various features that you will find here.

  • It can remove the internal storage of pre-installed apps.
  • You can manage your app permission and remove the permission.
  • Easy create modified applications with one click.
  • Lucky pather can bypass in-app purchases hack.
  • Easy update any app from the apps, no need to go outside and search for the update.
  • Freeze the apps.
  • Solve device incompatible error app store by applying a custom patch.
  • Clear Dalvik cache from the app no need to reboot into recovery helps you faster your smartphone.
  • Android Patch for Android 8.0 oreo.
  • Clone the apps of your choice.

Lucky Patcher for PC or Android Emulator

There is a Lucky Patcher original version for Windows P.C. this works similar to the Android version of the phone with the same features and experiences with only a small change in the settings. The good thing about this is that it does not use Cache memory and that you can easily transfer files and applications from your smartphone to your P.C.

You will need to install bluestacks (this a program that runs Android version of applications on windows) this you will find in Bluestacks official website. The program is around 4GB, and you need to install it entirely for it to work. After installing this, you will search for Lucky Patcher and then install it. Installation is similar to that of smartphones which will be discussed later.

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